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Illustrator Tutorial 1

I thought I'll add value and pass on some of the stuff I've learned throughout the years and perhaps some of the glitches that I just figured out how to fix on illustrator.

So today, I will share with you something that has been a mystery for me for years.

When you type text and want to add an apostrophe ( ' ) as in (It's) and you get this instead (It>s). Well look no more my friends, all you have to do is go to character (Command T or apple T) and change the box that has Arabic to English as shown in the jpg below.

Change it before you type anything and then start typing, all the punctuations and font characters will work normally afterwards.


I hope this was informative to you as much as it was for me. I spent days going through every > changing it manually to the apostrophe from the glyphs for years live and you learn!


Roba Hamadeh

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